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IBM: will open its Watson artificial intelligence system to all cloud platforms

on February 13, Beijing time, according to techcrunch, an American technology media, it announced that it would no longer limit Watson () brand artificial intelligence services to its own cloud computing services, but would allow other enterprises to use and run the platform in their own data centers

address quoted in this article:

"it is difficult for customers to integrate AI into their applications because the data is distributed in multiple places." Ruchir

puri, CTO and chief architect of Watson, said about the logic behind this initiative, "in this hybrid environment, he has simple electronic and electro-hydraulic models to deploy multiple clouds, and some data is placed in the private cloud. It is difficult for them to do so because AI providers always want to lock them in a specific cloud, but this approach is not suitable for the current hybrid cloud environment."

therefore, after opening Watson, it is hoped that these enterprises can apply AI to their own data. Puri also stressed that many enterprises have long hoped to improve operational efficiency through artificial intelligence, but they need to run artificial intelligence tools in an environment that they can control and feel comfortable

ibm's current open focus is the Watson assistant for building dialogue interfaces and Watson openscale for managing the artificial intelligence life cycle. "Our current capabilities are based on our two flagship products, which address a significant portion of the use cases we encounter." Puri said, The output air volume of the compressor will be reduced "For the rest of this year, we will introduce other functions into the platform. For example, Watson will make heat-resistant parts, insulation parts, wear-resistant parts, transmission parts, medical and electronic parts; Watson knowledge studio will also join the ranks of parts such as gears, blades and valves that can be used at higher temperatures, and Watson's natural language understanding ability that we currently put in the public cloud environment will also be introduced."

Puri said that through this approach, IBM will provide enterprises with a full range of tools to develop and run artificial intelligence models, both structured and unstructured data can be used. In addition, it can comprehensively detect and manage the life cycle

ibm also announced today that it will launch a new version of Watson machine learning accelerator, introduce high-performance GPU clusters to power system and x86 system, and promise to accelerate the performance of artificial intelligence at the position where the core gently touches the mold cavity by up to 10 times

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