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Husky and Netzsch launched a large pet preform mold

mike Urquhart, vice president of Husky's pet system, demonstrated a 216 cavity pet preform mold on npe2006. He said that this mold can be called the world's largest preform mold, which is suitable for converting various new applications from metal and glass to pet plastic

Chicago, Illinois, USA (August 1st, 2006) at the recent npe2006 exhibition, a battle for large-scale pet preform mold was launched. Switzerland's Netstal Maschinen Ag introduced a 192 cavity preform machine at the exhibition. Just a few aisles away, Canada's husky injection molding systems Ltd. is also showing a 216 cavity preform mold

netstal and husky have launched fierce competition among researchers in high-speed packaging machines and pet preform molding. Both sides said that npe2006 held in Chicago was their first exhibition to launch large-scale pet preforms

this NPE exhibition is the first exhibition for Netstal to launch its 192 cavity preform machine. Company officials announced at the last K exhibition in Germany that Netstal had developed a preform machine with 192 cavity mold, but it did not appear at the K exhibition, only a smaller 96 cavity preform machine was displayed

husky said that its 216 cavity preform mold is the largest in the world. Industry observers say Husky is still the leader in the field of preforms

officials of both companies talk about each other in vague diplomatic terms

there are obvious differences between the two sides in the way of exhibition on NPE. Netstal demonstrated the production of preformed molds on site, while Husky's new molds were only displayed in the exhibition hall. For this, BER, a senior director of Netstal, widely used in the calendering or extrusion production of soft films, artificial leather, cables, pipes, soft profiles and other products. Nhard merki said that this has nothing to do with personal preferences, but just business

merki said: "many customers are looking for second suppliers, and market signs also show that enterprises are now fully prepared to implement. They have learned about our technology. Everything is ready." The Jinan Shijin zwj-0350 cantilever impact testing machine pet line of Netstal company caused a sensation in the exhibition hall. The clamping force of this machine is about 600 tons, and more than 90000 preforms can be cast per hour. The resin is injected into a large mold by a large Conair silo, which runs for four hours a day at the NPE exhibition. The cycle time of the preform of this machine is only 7.4 seconds

netstal has sold a 192 chamber preform machine to Berkshire bottling works in reading, Pennsylvania, USA

husky also found a buyer for its 216 cavity mold Amcor PET packaging company in the United States. Company officials said husky and Amcor, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, jointly developed the mold, which will be settled in Amcor's U.S. factory, but did not disclose the details of the factory

mike diletti, vice president of sales and marketing of husky company, took the 216 cavity mold as an example to explain that Husky's important strategy to help major customers improve their two wings is to organically integrate with new energy vehicles to develop and improve production efficiency. This large mold is specially designed for husky hypet injection molding machine with a clamping force of about 650 tons

does Husky's 216 chamber preform mold try to overshadow Netstal's new machine? Diletti replied that Amcor carefully weighed all the multi cavity molds, including husky index preformer with rotating molds

diletti said, "Amcor evaluated all the multi cavity molds applicable to its new molding project, and finally selected 216 cavity molds."

therefore, the two machinery manufacturers both take meeting the needs of customers as their own responsibility, and also pay close attention to each other's new trends

source: Crain Communications

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