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If the EU imposes restrictions on China's photovoltaic products, it will do harm to others and not benefit itself. For individual European solar cell enterprises, it will actively promote the trade remedy investigation on China's photovoltaic products. Shendanyang, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce of China, said on June 26 that if the EU imposes restrictions on China's photovoltaic products, it will be detrimental to the overall development of the upstream and downstream of the EU's photovoltaic industry, the promotion of its low-carbon strategy, and the cooperation between the solar cell enterprises of both sides, If you don't do it well, you will lift a stone and hit yourself in the foot

previously, the United States put forward a "double anti" (anti-dumping and countervailing) investigation on China's photovoltaic products. At present, some media reported that the EU also planned to set restrictions on similar Chinese products in which springs are mainly used in automobiles in the middle of this year. Shendanyang said that China is seriously concerned about the relevant trends and hopes that the EU side will be cautious

he said that after years of development, China's photovoltaic industry has made significant breakthroughs in production equipment and manufacturing technology. While providing high-quality, low-cost and user-friendly solar cells to countries around the world, it has also made important contributions to improving the proportion of renewable energy in energy utilization and developing a low-carbon economy

"China's photovoltaic industry and related industries in many countries are complementary and closely related. While developing itself, it also provides a rare opportunity for the industrial development of related countries." He said

in response to China's recent "packaging" of the anti subsidy investigation initiated by the United States on 22 categories of products to the World Trade Organization (WTO), shendanyang said that the WTO dispute settlement mechanism is a normal way for every WTO member to properly resolve trade disputes. Every lawsuit China brings to the WTO is a practical action for China to firmly exercise the rights of WTO members and safeguard the interests of domestic industries. China respects the rules of the WTO, actively fulfills its WTO commitments, and opposes the increased trade protectionism that people demand in terms of safety, environmental protection, beauty and comfort. Zhonghua glass () Department

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