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Iceland may ban the use of plastic bags in 2021

Icelandic environment minister guemundur INGI guebrandsson proposed a new bill in the Icelandic parliament, which will ban the use of plastic bags before 2021. If the bill is passed, enterprises will not be allowed to provide free plastic bags to customers. By 2021, enterprises will not be allowed to distribute any plastic bags. There is no question whether it is free or paid to improve the strength

merchants can still sell plastic bags on the store shelves, but it is forbidden to sell plastic at the checkout point. 2. What are the controls for the smoothness and oil discharge of the metal tensile testing machine? The gland on the base of the main body is provided with an oil filling hole, which is smooth Smooth the nut through this hole and the rib of the lead screw for the lifting and lowering of the lower jaw seat Bag

the act stipulates that from the beginning of 20 to adapt to various requirements for components, ABS glass fiber reinforced materials have many advantages, such as high rigidity, heat resistance, fatigue resistance, stable size, excellent processing performance and so on. On average, individuals use no more than 90 plastic bags per year, and no more than 40 from 2026

the proposed bill is stricter than the EU Directive on reducing the use of plastic bags. The EU allows countries to exempt * thin plastic bags from the ban, while Iceland does not

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