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IBM can provide Watson cloud computing services to accelerate the research of new drugs

ibm Watson cognitive computing technology has helped doctors, loan officers, enterprises and even veterans find answers to many complex problems. For Watson supercomputer, the next major challenge is to help researchers explore more unknowns

ibm recently announced that its Watson discovery advisor technology can now provide cloud computing services. Baylor College of medicine and IBM are optimistic about the value of Watson in data backup research. Recently, a peer-reviewed study was released. With the assistance of Watson discovery advisor, six research paths worthy of in-depth discussion were proposed for cancer research

as part of Baylor's research, Watson supercomputer analyzed more than 70000 scientific papers on p53, a protein involved in a variety of cancers. Through Watson's automatic analysis, biologists and data scientists at Baylor medical college can find six proteins that can improve p53, which is expected to carry out further new research. More importantly, the discovery took only a few weeks, according to IBM

in the field of life science, it usually takes researchers a year to find a relevant protein, said John Gordon, vice president of IBM Watson. Baylor's cooperation with Watson has found six proteins, and the first two proteins have been verified in the laboratory, which has greatly surpassed the progress of the industry

with the breakthrough of rapid and low-cost DNA analysis technology, the pace of biomedical research in recent years has been greatly accelerated. In addition, Pfizer, Novartis and many other leading pharmaceutical companies often find correlations among genomes, clinical trials and unidentified electronic diseases. According to IBM, the remarkable performance of Watson supercomputer lies in its cognitive computing ability to understand language and chemistry, and its ability to achieve a leap forward in human like understanding at the speed of computer analysis

people have found the correlation between different data groups, but because Watson can understand the concept and explain the research direction, he can reveal more subtle relationships, Gordon said

with the assistance of IBM Watson discovery advisor, Baylor medical needs to be more prudent in its future overseas investment in injection molding machines and modified plastics. The college publishes peer-reviewed cancer research

for example, research papers not only confirm whether proteins are related to p53 and conclude simple binary conclusions, but also explore whether these proteins accelerate or inhibit gene mutation on the booth of Harbin Institute of technology, And whether it is possible to promote the chemical process. Today, it is more challenging to digest these 70000 research papers

even if I read five documents a day, it will take me nearly 38 years to fully understand all the current research on this protein. Olivier, Professor of molecular and human genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology at Baylor College of medicine, said that Watson has great potential to improve the speed and quality of breakthrough discoveries

ibm also announced that Johnson Johnson, a pharmaceutical giant, has cooperated with Watson to accelerate these research projects. Johnson Johnson worked with the discovery advisor team to teach Watson to read and understand scientific papers and discuss in detail the clinical trial results used to evaluate treatment. These cooperation units hope to accelerate the comparative benefit research of drugs. Sanofi hopes to accelerate the reuse of drugs and find other indications for existing drugs

among other new applications of cognitive computing, IBM said that its Watson engagement advisor service for the customer support center for waste reduction has been adopted by USAA. USAA is a network and action support option that provides a variety of financial advice and life counseling for U.S. servicemen returning to civilian life after retirement

watson discovery advisor cloud service will first aim at life science applications, but IBM said that it also has the potential to improve relevant research in legal, educational, chemical, metallurgical and other scientific fields

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