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IKEA space10 lab launched a plant lighting factory

according to foreign media reports, at the London Design Festival in September, IKEA innovation lab space 10 showed lokal, an experimental indoor farm. IKEA aims to solve problems in the real world through this system, so that people can grow and harvest their own food indoors where there is no sunshine or soil

the prototype of this small vertical farm is a hydroponic system, in which crops grow in water filled with an appropriate amount of mineral nutrients. Lokal uses stackable trays and climate control boxes. The bottom of the tray is nutrient solution instead of soil, which is increasingly valued by countries all over the world. Above it is led light as a light source instead of the sun. According to space 10, their planting method is three times faster than ordinary planting methods

space10 it is also estimated that this method will reduce the amount of water used for planting by 90%. This method reduces waste and eliminates the need for soil or sunlight as part of the plant growth process

in addition to the hydroponic system, space 10 can regulate all parts in real time. It also indicates that the next step is to introduce sensors and connect data with Google home. Smart sensors will measure and control the environment and learn how to optimize crops over time to achieve healthier and faster growth

space10 indoor farms hope to provide solutions to climate change and the food problem of inefficient global food production

in addition to the exhibition, at the London Design Festival, space 10 chef Simon Pere and his team also produced more than 2000 free salads on site. Visitors can also choose three courses made of water cultured micro green plants and locally purchased raw materials. Each course also includes salad dressing made of Spirulina. Space 10 also surveyed 100 people about the taste of food. Impressively, 90 people called salad "delicious"

space10 indicates that one of the purposes of this prototype is to test how Londoners view hydroponic food and whether they like the taste of light green

in fact, the vertical farm like lokal is not a new concept, but at present, such devices are mostly arranged in factories, warehouses and other areas for large-scale planting. The farm, the space 10 project of lokal, wants to provide local food for urban residents instead of long-distance transportation. They believe that "a prototype like lokal will help develop a new and local supply chain, which will enable us to plant more food belonging to us in the city"

according to Michael La cour, IKEA's food service director, lokal is still in its early stage and needs more improvement before reaching the retail standard. Moreover, IKEA has not decided whether to sell lokal in the store

it is reported that IKEA launched the kit krydda/vxer for hydroponics and plant cultivation last year, but it is much simpler than Lo's frontier research, which has faced the edge of achieving a major breakthrough - designing and manufacturing living human tissue Kal. In theory, you can grow vegetables at home as long as you assemble, water and spray nutrient solution according to IKEA instructions

IKEA's space10 future life laboratory is located in Copenhagen. It is engaged in household research and is committed to developing some super concept products

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