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Implement the concept of multi-level innovation to open up new markets in the label industry

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core tip: in 2015, many enterprises in the label printing industry carried out multi-level innovations such as product technology innovation, business model innovation and brand innovation to open up new markets in the label industry, with remarkable results. The following is an introduction to the advanced company to understand its management and innovation mode

[China Packaging News] in 2015, many enterprises in the label printing industry carried out multi-level innovations such as product technology innovation, business model innovation and brand innovation, and explored new markets in the label industry with remarkable results. The following is an introduction to the advanced company to understand its management and innovation mode

I. innovating product technologies to seize market opportunities

Zhengmei group: it attaches great importance to label research and development

founded in 1969, Zhengmei group is a giant in the label printing industry. It has nine production plants on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, with an annual output of more than 12billion labels. Its main customers are the world's top 500 enterprises. The sales volume of Zhengmei group in 2014 was 2.45 billion yuan, and the sales volume in 2015 reached 2.7 billion yuan, an increase of 10%

Zhengmei group kept a low profile and it was difficult to obtain detailed data. In january2015, the China printing and equipment industry association visited the group's Shanghai Zhengwei Printing Co., Ltd. to experience its success. Among them, Zhengmei group's concept of focusing on R & D has left a deep impression on people. The group has a full-time label R & D department, which conducts continuous research on materials, inks and printing processes in different fields such as printing, chemical industry, materials and mechanical engineering; Four professional chemical analysis laboratories are planned to be set up in Taipei, Kunshan, Shanghai and Shenzhen to solve the problems of R & D and printing application; Realize the customer's requirements of proofing in one place and production in multiple places

at the same time, Zhengmei group has diversified products and can provide diversified products such as environmental protection shrink sleeve label, anti-counterfeiting label, appearance decoration and customized digital printing; Different printing methods can be adopted according to customer needs, including the most traditional offset printing, embossing printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, printing and digital printing

Weigang: Zhejiang Weigang Machinery Co., Ltd., which has successfully launched a multi-functional unit flexographic printing machine, is a well-known trademark printing machine manufacturer in the industry. Its six series of intermittent trademark printing machines independently developed by the company have been rewarded by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, the science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province and the science and Technology Bureau of Wenzhou City. In 2015, it was still remarkable in new product development, marketing and scientific research

in terms of new product development, the company has carried out personalized development of offset press according to the needs of customers, and diversified design has been carried out in terms of optional functions to meet the needs of different customers; We have successfully developed a multi-functional unit flexographic press, and four of them have been ordered at the Asia international label exhibition held in Shanghai. The research and development center established by Weigang in 2015 was also awarded "Zhejiang Weigang Printing Machinery Research Institute" by the provincial government. Weigang has a strong R & D team combining the old, middle-aged and young generations to ensure the company's leading product technology. Looking forward to the future, Weigang will set foot in the digital printing press to increase the diversification of products and increase the selectivity of customers

in terms of sales, the sales volume of the company increased slightly in 2015 compared with the same period last year. The sales volume of small machines of different models was the same as last year. The sales volume of offset printing machines was higher than last year, reaching 126 sets (but the unit price was lower than last year). At the same time, based on the existing offices in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai rim, Weigang actively expands the markets in the Central Plains, southwest and Northwest China, and strives to achieve the goal of establishing offices or agencies in all provincial capitals within three years; In terms of overseas markets, on the basis of consolidating the existing offices in Europe, Southeast Asia and India, China has actively developed the markets in the Middle East and the Americas, and its products have been exported to 84 countries

Beijing Lingyun: the software system of the printing industry was comprehensively upgraded

in 2015, Beijing Lingyun Optical Technology Co., Ltd., which provided intelligent quality management solutions and automated quality testing equipment for the printing industry, PCB industry and LCD industry, had a double happiness: the output value exceeded 1billion yuan, and the total contract output value reached 1.02 billion yuan, an increase of 16% over 2014; Move into the building of Lingyun people - the building of knowledge and reason. The secret of why Lingyun can rise against the trend is that since its establishment, it has been based on high technology, focusing on patents and high-end talents. It has more than 100 independent intellectual property rights and patented technologies. Among its more than 700 employees, it has 10 professors, 10 doctors and 200 masters

at present, the software system of Lingyun printing industry has been fully upgraded, and its detection capability has been greatly improved. It can accurately detect 0.02   mm2 small defects at the speed of 300   m/min, reaching the limit level of human vision, and meeting the industry's top quality detection standards and detection needs. In 2015, Lingyun expanded its overseas market, realized sales in the Asia Pacific region, especially in South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, India and Taiwan, and established a professional sales channel in the international market

in addition, in the LCD industry, Lingyun cooperated with JDI crystal display group, sharp, etc. to carry out visual inspection for apple, Xiaomi and other high-end displays, with a market share of more than 50%. The national major scientific instrument and equipment development project "micron high-speed visual quality detector" has also successfully completed the acceptance of medium-term scientific and technological achievements, and all tasks and indicators have reached or exceeded the acceptance standards. The Ministry of science and technology has allocated 50million yuan for this project

Founder Electronics: with advanced technology, it is the "overlord" in the cigarette bag coding market. Whether it is the research report issued by a third-party research institution or the complaints of consumers,

Founder Electronics is one of the earliest enterprises in China to conduct research on digital ink-jet technology. In 2012, it began to explore the cigarette bag two-dimensional code technology and coding scheme. As we all know, in product packaging, QR code assignment is the basic composition of big data, and its production and circulation security is particularly important. Taking a leading cigarette package printing enterprise in China in 2013 as a breakthrough, founder electronics continued to overcome the difficulty of cigarette package coding by applying its overall solution for cigarette package coding. As of june2015, the domestic installed capacity of Founder electronic cigarette bag coding solution has exceeded 30, ranking first in the cigarette bag coding market in China

however, this is far from sufficient to cover the huge tobacco market. How to realize variable digital printing of one product and one code for mass and common products? Founder Electronics has set its sights on the digital ink-jet technology which integrates the advantages of strong process flexibility, strong adaptability and high cost performance, and has launched the overall solution of variable digital coding for the cigarette packet printing market. Among them, founder jieying h500plus flat off-line coding solution has a maximum speed of 100   m/min, and the high-precision positioning system can ensure that the inkjet accuracy is controlled within ± 0.2   mm, representing the leading technology level of cigarette bag coding in China; Fangzheng jieying w900 off-line code assignment solution for roll to roll is a mass-produced wide width cigarette packet code assignment solution. The width of the guide roller is 900   mm, and the maximum unwinding diameter is 1   600   mm, which can meet more than 95% of the domestic cigarette packet reel paper production specifications; VDMP variable data printing management platform is a variable digital coding production management software system, which has outstanding advantages in data security, efficient management, equipment monitoring and data statistics. It can realize multiple functions such as task remote distribution, machine remote control, equipment working status and progress monitoring, production data statistical analysis, and improve the management and efficiency of variable digital coding production by more than 20%, Founder Electronics' H-series variable digital coding and two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting, anti fleeing and traceability solutions have also been applied in many color box printing enterprises

Shenzhen jiaoguan: successfully entered the civil aviation, calligraphy and painting art market with leading RFID technology

Hong Kong Airlines will compensate passengers about HK $100million per year for lost luggage. Since 2010, Shenzhen jiaoguan Technology Industry Co., Ltd. has independently researched and developed RFID baggage tags for civil aviation passengers. In 2014, it won the bid for the Hong Kong Airlines project and produced 25million tags for it that year. In 2015, jiaoguan produced 500million RFID baggage tags for Hong Kong Civil Aviation and Wuhan civil aviation, without any quality problems. Among them, j92inlay, which is patented by jiaoguan, has 3D omni-directional performance, with a reading distance of more than 7m, and has been applied in aviation logistics

more than that, the RF electronic seals developed and produced by jiaoguan have also entered the calligraphy and painting art market. According to the requirements of the cultural art industry to install chips on calligraphy and painting works of art, jiaoguan company has developed two kinds of RF electronic seals, which has solved the process problems of industrialized production of RF electronic seals. The aluminum foil antenna of RF electronic seal is only 15   μ m. It can be broken immediately after being uncovered to ensure that it can not be used again; The most advanced technology and glue are adopted to ensure the service life of more than 50 years

Gauss China: comply with the general trend of environmental protection and seize the market share of flexographic printing

as one of the largest manufacturers of rotary offset printing machine in China and the drafting unit of the national web offset machine standard, Gauss graphic printing system (China) Co., Ltd. has set its sights on meeting the national green printing requirements, with a high degree of automation, and Flexo printing machine that can improve the competitiveness of enterprises. At present, there are 1792 flexo printing machines in China, and domestic equipment accounts for 78.7%. Gauss China has obvious technical advantages. The aquastream flexographic press launched by Gauss China is a high-end flexographic press transformed from the high-end rotary printing press vpak of Gauss international in the United States

aquastream is a high-speed, fully automated wide width flexographic printing machine that meets the requirements of green environmental protection and uses water-based ink for printing; Manufactured according to the standard of high-speed web offset press; The advanced modular design concept is adopted in the design. According to the needs of customers' products, international advanced supporting systems such as Martin's non-stop unwinding unit, non-stop rewinding unit, Miyi's dust removal unit, eltromat's automatic registration system, Isra's quality inspection system and so on can be used as the optional modules of the host; The maximum printing width can reach 1   100   mm, and the maximum printing speed can reach 360   m  /min

Shenzhen Botai: launched a new intelligent digital post press processing equipment sdf

20% increase, with sales of more than 60 million yuan - in 2015, Shenzhen Botai printing equipment Co., Ltd., which focuses on the research, production and marketing of intelligent post press processing equipment, gave a satisfactory answer in the face of market adversity. In fact, in 2015, Shenzhen Botai still had some highlights in overseas market sales and new product research and development. It not only exceeded the overseas market sales target, but also upgraded and launched a number of equipment

among them, the new intelligent digital post press processing equipment SDF is the most attractive. The equipment is equipped with the latest intermittent flexographic printing unit, which is the first batch in the world and is specially designed for digital printing. It can flexibly switch between full rotation and intermittent modes. It has the function of printing different repetition perimeter without replacing the plate cylinder. The combination of intermittent flexo printing and intermittent die-cutting can meet any moving parts from short version to long version, which mainly detect various materials. It not only reduces the cost of purchasing plate cylinder and magnetic cylinder, but also greatly reduces the preparation time required for order replacement. In addition, SDF can also arbitrarily combine various post printing processes such as reel wire, lithographic wire, hot stamping, etc., and can automatically stack and collect with in mold standards

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