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Academician Zhong Nanshan once delivered a speech on indoor air pollution and infant health, in which he quoted the statistical data of China Environmental Protection Association on decoration pollution hurting children. But recently, an article from the authoritative media "CNR" entitled "2.1 million children die of decoration pollution every year? Media refutation of false data" came out to slap in the face. But can the rumor be refuted to show that decoration is harmless to children's health

yesterday, a news broke again, "2.1 million children die of decoration pollution every year? Media refutes rumors that the data are untrue". The article comes from “ CNR ”, Authoritative media, come out and slap the face. Zhong Nanshan, once the national top ten moral model, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the State Key Laboratory of respiratory diseases

I believe you have read the news on CNR. Com. Xiaobian is here to briefly synchronize the previous synopsis for the children's shoes you haven't seen. The reason for the time was that academician Zhong Nanshan delivered a speech entitled "indoor air pollution and infant health", in which he quoted relevant statistical data from the China Environmental Protection Association:

90% of children with leukemia had luxury decoration in their homes, and 2.1 million children died of luxury decoration every year; 80% of home decoration formaldehyde exceeded the standard; 70% of pregnant women have abortions related to environmental pollution; The number of deaths caused by indoor environmental pollution in China is as high as 111000 every year. Indoor environmental pollution has become one of the killers that seriously affect modern human health

the three questions formed positive and negative factions. After the speech, the society was in an uproar

of course, more questions. To sum up, there are three aspects in total:

question the figure of

2.1 million, which is obviously inconsistent with the national population death statistics

question 2

90% of children with leukemia are due to home decoration. Is it really caused by decoration

question three

data sources “ China Environmental Protection Association ”, Is it a non-governmental organization

therefore, academician Zhong Nanshan's speech this time is not rigorous and reliable, and the rumor is limited to the wise. Any data should have scientific basis. In the face of rumors, I hope every one of us can think seriously and treat them rationally. It seems that academician Zhong is in trouble this time

not surprisingly, the comments of netizens are bright again

someone said: “ Academician Zhong Nanshan is a good man. This article is not just for whom& rdquo;

others say: “ I don't believe it, it must be more than that& rdquo;

some people commented: “ Experts suggest that you stay in 70 years& rdquo;

…& hellip;

the post is always closer to the truth than the news

shelve disputes and face up to problems

in fact, who is right and who is wrong is not important for every parent who has read the news. Whether it's 2.1 million or 100000 is nothing more than a question of probability. But every baby is the root of a family, and it's painful. Which parent dares to bet on this probability

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