SenMei cabinet Jieyang International Museum opened

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Good news: the grand opening of SenMei cabinet Jieyang International Museum

a good news came from the front line of SenMei: the grand opening of SenMei cabinet Jieyang International Museum benefits the whole city! The scene was crowded and the popularity was unprecedented

who is Sime Darby?

as an imported brand with dual lineages from France (1961) and the United States (1991), Sime Darby cabinet is the only enterprise in the Chinese market that enjoys the double honors of AWI and WI, the global wood industry leading organization. After nearly 60 years of experience in European and American home customization, it officially opened up China's high-end home market in 2015, and angrily picked up the honor of "China's top ten kitchen cabinet brands" in 2017

winning this honor in just two years is not only a witness of quality, but also a witness of brand strength

SenMei, customized is not only furniture

SenMei cabinet Jieyang International Museum is built by the French design team, and its products cover thousands of customized boutiques in the whole house home, such as overall cabinet, wardrobe, wine cabinet, dining cabinet, tatami design and so on

in the product design of the exhibition area, SenMei adheres to the concept of "personalized, exclusive and customized", perfectly combines aesthetics with ergonomics, fully considers the living habits of local people, and strives to create a high-end, fashionable, comfortable and unique home for every customer

SenMei, customization is not only furniture, but also a way of life

SenMei never takes the ordinary road

SenMei's whole house customization has always adhered to the unusual road, only taking the high-end customization route. It is developed and designed by France's top design team, leading the global fashion trend of home customization, and introduces American technology to build a world-class factory, integrating research and development, design and production to achieve a full range of intelligent services. Let you worry, peace of mind, comfortable

SenMei, give you a different noble experience

in 2015, SenMei copied the successful experience of the French group company for nearly 60 years and began to comprehensively explore China's high-end home furnishing market. In less than three years, SenMei has developed more than 100 franchised stores in China (at present, there are more than 600 franchised stores in the world)

such proud achievements are attributed to the brand strategy of Sime Darby. The operation headquarters of Sime Darby not only increases the support policies for the franchised stores of Sime Darby to help dealers improve their operation strength, but also continuously improves the customized terminal image of the whole house of Sime Darby to create a high-end strong international brand

at the grand opening ceremony of SenMei Jieyang International Pavilion, Mr. Chen hanheng, the operation director of SenMei brand business department, and Ms. Feng Yanhong, the terminal training supervisor, came to the scene to guide the opening, helping the franchise store

on the evening of opening, SenMei cabinet Jieyang International Museum held a cocktail party and warmly entertained the guests. All the lights, wine, food and aroma are filled and rippling in the deep enthusiasm of Mori beauty

sigh that deep night wine makes Mori beauty's love stronger




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